Anti-β-Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1C7), AbFluor™ 488 Conjugated (Cat#A01010A488) Review

β-Actin (gene name ACTB), a ubiquitous eukaryotic protein, is the major component of the cytoskeleton. At least six isoforms are known in mammals. Actins are highly conserved proteins that are involved in cell motility, structure and integrity. β-actin is a major constituent of the contractile apparatus, which is usually used as a loading control, for among others, the integrity of cells, protein degradation, in PCR and Western blotting. Its molecular weight is approximately 43 kDa.

Primary antibody and secondary antibody together to analysis the research results, which not only increased the costs, but extra experimental procedures and time are consumed, may bring more potential of non-specific background. Researchers who want to solve the above problems will choose primary antibodies with direct conjugate.

Abbkine Anti-β-Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1C7), AbFluor™ 488 Conjugated can apply in IHC (1:200), IF (1:200) without secondary antibody. If your sample is from Chicken, Dog, Hamster, Human, Insect, Monkey, Mouse, Rabbit and Rat, beyond doubt, this antibody is just what you want. And AbFluor™ 488 (λEX/λEm: 490/515 nm) is a green fluorescent dye optimally excitable by the 488 nm argon laser line, which is super alternative to FITC, Oregon Green 488, FAM, Cy2, Dylight 488 and Alexa Fluor 488.

Customer review:
I conduct fluorescent multiple staining. In order to decrease non-specific reaction, I decided to use direct labeled antibody. Abbkine Anti-β-Actin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1C7), AbFluor™ 488 Conjugated was recommended by one of our cooperation partner. The antibody was ideal for fluorescence staining. It didn’t let me down. I also really appreciate Abbkine for the wonderful experience it brought to me!


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