Cell Counting Kit-8 from Abbkine, Your Best Tool for Cell Toxicity Experiment

Abbkine has developed various cell status check tools for scientific researchers in the field of cytology in past three years. From cell proliferation, cell toxicity to cell apoptosis, you can always find one product suitable for your research project. Today what I recommend is one of Abbkine star product – Cell Counting Kit-8 (Catalogue#KTC011001). Believe me, you could not miss it!

The short name of Cell Counting Kit-8 is CCK-8 Kit, which is established based on WST-8 reaction and widely used for cell proliferation/Toxicity, drug screening as well as tumor drug sensitivity test experiment, etc… Abbkine CCK-8 Kit provides one ready-to-use CCK-8 solution, it is convenient and fast which will be your prefect choice to replace MTT method.

         Figure.1 The reaction mechanism of CCK-8(WST-8)

Compared with traditional method for Cell Toxicity/Proliferation experiment, CCK-8 has many noteworthy benefits as you can find in below chart clearly.

Detection method MTT XTT WST-1 CCK-8
The water solubility of produced formazan Bad (need to add organic solvent to dissolve before detection Good Good Good
Product fomat Powder   two solutions Solution one CCK-8 solution
Using method Prepare before use Prepare

before use

Ready to use Ready to use
Detection sensitivity High Very High Very High High
Detection time Relatively longer Relatively shorter Relatively Shorter Shortest
Detection wave length 560-600nm 420-480nm 420-480nm 430-490nm
Cytotoxicity High Very Low Very Low Very low
Reagent stability Normal Relatively poor Normal Very good
Batch sample testing Suitable Very suitable Very suitable Very suitable
Convenience degree Normal Convenient Very convenient Very convenient

Apart from above mentioned features, Abbkine made several improvements on the formula of its Cell Counting Kit-8, so I believe you can have a pleasant experience on the use of Abbkine CCK-8 Kit including below points:

◎Less toxic, compatible for other downstream assays

◎No organic solvents or isotopes required

◎No harvesting, no washing and no solubilization steps

◎Low toxicity, the same cells can be used for other cell assays


Insisting in providing high quality and affordable product solution for worldwide scientists, Abbkine deducts almost half of list price than other world renewed CCK-8 Providers. You can see our product specification as below:

Catalogue Number Product Name Size Price
KTC011001 Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) 1ml/5ml/20ml/100ml $20/$64/$205/$718

For the first time purchaser, you are entitled to have some trail discount, and Abbkine also provide simple pack for your pre-experiment use.

Feel free to send your request to service@abbkine.com, Abbkine service representative will contact you back shortly.

Here if you want to learn more information about Abbkine cellular assay kits, please review below link:



About Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd.

Abbkine offers services for global scientists in the fields of proteomics and cytology, and is committed to the innovation and development of various scientific reagents related to proteomics and cytology, to promote the development of fields including life science research and drug discovery. Proteomics products cover the preparation of samples (protein extraction, purification, coupling), protein quantification, antibodies and kits for protein detection. Cytology products involve cytokines (cell culture), cell status detection, cell staining, organelle extraction, cell metabolism and cytopathology reagents (kits). Abbkine relies on the product portfolio and unique marketing support as the main market strategy and product innovation mode, to help your research career!


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