How to comprehensively study cell proliferation, the Abbkine EdU test kit turns a stone into gold


Cell proliferation is an important life characteristic of organisms, and cells proliferate by dividing. Single-celled organisms that produce new individuals through cell division. Multicellular organisms produce new cells through cell division to supplement aging or dead cells in the body. Multicellular organisms can develop into a new multicellular individual from a fertilized egg through cell division and differentiation. It must be emphasized that through cell division, the replicated genetic material can be evenly distributed to two daughter cells. It can be seen that cell proliferation is the basis of organism growth, development, reproduction and heredity.

It can be said that cell proliferation is accompanied by all the life processes of multicellular organisms. More and more researchers have focused on cell proliferation detection, and the methods for cell proliferation detection are constantly updated. So what are the methods to study cell proliferation so far?


Cell proliferation testing is a basic experimental method to evaluate cell health, genotoxicity and the effect of anti-tumor drugs. The most accurate method for detecting cell proliferation is the BrdU method. The EdU method detection kit is a revolutionary breakthrough in the Brdu method. EdU (5-bromo-2-deoxyuracil) kit is a pyrimidine analog that can be integrated into DNA double strands during DNA synthesis. Through the comparison of the above schematic diagrams, it is not difficult to find that the EdU method is a simple, reliable, and trouble-free innovative method for detecting cell proliferation without antibodies, no denaturation steps, and maintaining cell morphology and DNA integrity.

However, there are still many researchers who still do not get the most effective method for cell proliferation testing and save reaction time. At this time, Abbkine’s EdU test kit came into being with the joint efforts of R&D experts, which solved everyone’s urgent need. And Abbkine’s EdU detection kit has two models, which are matched with two different fluorescent channels to meet the needs of different customers for fluorescent channels. Increase the diversity of cell proliferation test results.

Product NO. Product NO. Fluorescence channel
KTA2030 Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Green Fluorescence) 488 channel
KTA2031 Cell Proliferation EdU Image Kit (Orange Fluorescence) 549 channel

Moreover, the kit can not only label proliferating cells, but also use nuclear dyes to label the nuclei of all cells (including proliferating cells and non-proliferating cells). Proliferating cells can be obtained by the number of proliferating cells and the number of all cells. The ratio. The calculation result is accurate and reliable, and the application value is extremely wide. Here are some pictures of the test results of the Abbkine EdU test kit:

DAPI Channel

DAPI  Channel

549 Channel

549 Channel

488 Channel

488 Channel

This issue mainly talks about the overall solution for cytology research. I have to say goodbye to everyone again. At the same time in the next issue, there will be experiments and product application operation tips to meet with you. Stay tuned~~~~~


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