Express delivery from Wuhan, please rest assured!

Since December 2019, Wuhan City, Hubei Province has successively discovered multiple cases of patients with pneumonia infected by a new type of coronavirus. With the development of the epidemic, we have a deeper understanding of the new coronavirus.

I.Etiology characteristics

The new-type coronavirus belongs to the new coronavirus of the genus β, which has an envelope, the particles are round or oval, often polymorphic, and the diameter is 60-140nm. Its genetic characteristics are significantly different from SARSr-CoV and MERSr-CoV. Current research shows that it has more than 85% homology with bat SARS-like coronavirus (bat-SL-CoVZC45).

Physical and chemical properties: Similar to SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat, 56 ° C for 30 minutes, ether, 75% ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peracetic acid and chloroform, and other fatty solvents can effectively inactivate the virus, chlorine It has been determined that the virus cannot be effectively inactivated.

II.the epidemiological characteristics

(1) Source of infection.

The sources of infection seen so far are mainly patients with pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus.

(2) Ways of transmission.

Respiratory droplet transmission is the main route of transmission and can also be transmitted through contact.

(3) Susceptible people.

The crowd is generally susceptible. The elderly and those with underlying diseases are more ill after infection, and children, infants, and young children also develop disease.

III. Do I need to reject express delivery from Wuhan?

Normal delivery does not need to be rejected. No live virus host exists in the courier.

As for whether the express delivery will be infected with the new coronavirus, we must start with the transmission of the virus. It is currently known to spread mainly by droplets, but also partly through contact.

Although the virus can survive for a certain time after leaving the host. However, encapsulated viruses usually survive for no more than a few hours. In addition, “survival” does not mean that the infection conditions can be reached. One or a few virus particles cannot enter the human body to form an infection, and the comprehensive level of infection activity and particle number must be a certain amount.

In the study, half of the embryo infection dose (EID50) or half of the tissue culture infection dose (TCID50) is used to measure. It refers to the highest virus dilution that causes 50% of death or disease when the virus is cultured from chicken embryo or tissue cells.

For example, cold viruses in winter and spring are in the air. Why didn’t everyone get a cold? The cold virus that most people come into contact with is not very active and the concentration is not high.

This is why it is necessary to open windows and ventilate, to avoid crowded places, just to avoid high virus concentrations to make people infected. Express boxes can be said to be thoroughly ventilated, and it will be difficult to become a carrier of virus transmission.

To put it another way, neither the World Health Organization nor China’s prevention and control guidelines for disease control have mentioned the basic low-risk issues.

Disease prevention guidelines are recommendations given to the public by specialized workers after analyzing the degree of risk and the source of the risk. For example, WHO’s recommendation is to wash your hands frequently, cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, and thoroughly cook meat and eggs to avoid close contact with anyone who has a cold or flu-like symptoms. There is no need to consider the risks like express carton without warning.

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