Light up fluorescence, illuminate the road to scientific research ——I wish the Abbkine IF experimental training a successful start

On November 5, 2020, under the caring leadership of superior leaders, our company successfully carried out the on-site training of “Immunofluorescence (IF)” for all Yakin employees. This training activity is an innovative activity that integrates theory and practice and conforms to the development trend of biotechnology. It has certain reference significance for the examination of biological professional knowledge in the future. At the same time, it once again embodies the exploration of the true knowledge of scientific research by the Yakein people, and responds to the resounding slogan of “lighting up the fire of fluorescence, illuminating the road to scientific research”.

In order to successfully complete this experimental operation, since its establishment, our company has invested a lot of funds to improve the consumables and equipment of scientific research laboratories. The superior leaders are also particularly concerned about the overall development of the company’s employees, and put forward many guiding opinions on the professional knowledge learning methods of our employees. This training activity is divided into three stages to start:

The first stage, the mobilization stage: the marketing department colleagues and heads of various departments will inform employees of training related matters, and complete the theoretical knowledge training of immunofluorescence (IF) experiments.

During this training process, everyone was engaged in the whole process, studied and discussed carefully, and everyone benefited a lot.


The second stage, the demonstration stage of the immunofluorescence IF experiment operation: the pathology experiment expert, Mr. Chen Haixia, personally operated and explained, and led everyone to learn all the operation procedures and precautions of the immunofluorescence experiment. Her fluent operation technique and rigorous academic spirit It is worth learning from everyone. Every link is meticulous, presenting the wonderful moments in the operation of this experiment:

  1. Tissue dehydration and washing


  1. Solution configuration

  1. Incubation of antibodies

Incubation of antibodies

  1. Observe slices and take pictures

  1. Fluorescence double standard image analysis

  1. Store the sliced product away from light

In the third stage, colleagues from various departments will take turns in the practical training stage: Yakein colleagues actively participate in the operation of the experiment. The training is carried out smoothly in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. During this training process, everyone is in actual work. The problems encountered were exchanged, and they all expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the immunofluorescence (IF) experiment process through this training class, and the benefits were quite substantial. It was a feast of learning and pointed the direction for them.

In this experiment, the marketing department and the operation department of Yakuin professionally cooperated. The whole operation video was recorded, and professional production and subtitle pronunciation were carried out to help immunofluorescence enthusiasts around the world understand the whole process of the experiment. Carry forward the love of Yakini people for biological business and the spirit of serving global customers. The video will be in the Yakein official account and Yakein official website to meet with you in the later stage, so stay tuned~~~~~

Welcome to pay more attention to “Yinfan”, and there will be great scientific research surprises waiting for everyone. At the same time, in order to provide a platform for readers to learn biological knowledge, Abbkine’s technical experts have worked tirelessly to sort out the dry goods of a variety of high-end biological experiments, and later published them in the WeChat public account. Please continue to pay attention to Abbkine for readers who love science. the public.

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