WB Essential guidance|After returning to school, you must know the WB sample pre-treatment product portfolio plan


In busy May, after the May 1st golden tourist season, the weather picked up. With the joint efforts of the military and civilians across the country, the epidemic situation has gradually improved, and the home has been isolated for many days, which has deepened the eagerness of the small partners for the scientific research. In the tide of resuming work and returning to school, you returned to the laboratory of your heart with excitement and started your favorite experimental career. Knowing something new, Abbkine experts have carefully created a set of experimental schemes for the pretreatment of WB experimental samples. With mature protein sample preparation methods, the WB experiment is more than half successful. Speaking of which, you may not be able to wait for our experimental plan. Next, our experimental plan will be presented to you:

  1. Protein extraction

According to the different research objects, we need to conduct in-depth research on related proteins in different regions of the cell, so at this time ExKine series cytoplasm / membrane / nucleus and other regional protein extraction kits came into being under the scientific research and exploration of Abbkine scientists for excellence .

Product NO Product Name
KTP3001 ExKineTM Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit
KTP3002 ExKineTM Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit
KTP3004 ExKineTM Total Membrane Protein Extraction Kit
KTP3005 ExKineTM Membrane and Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction kit
KTP3006 ExKine™ Total Protein Extraction Kit

In addition to studying the microstructure of different regions of the cell, our research level will also further enter the submicroscopic structure of the cell. To study the submicroscopic structure, first of all, our goal is to study proteins in different organelles. Scientists will extract the organelles with relatively independent structures in the cytoplasm, and then use mild cell lysate (such as RIPA cell lysate ) By lysing the extracted organelles, pure different organelle proteins can be extracted. Then carry on in-depth study on this kind of protein qualitatively and quantitatively.

Product NO Product Name
KTP4001 ExKine™ Nuclei Extraction Kit
KTP4002 ExKine™ Nuclei Extraction Kit (High Purity)
KTP4003 ExKine™ Mitochondrion Extraction Kit (Cultured Cells)
KTP4004 ExKine™ Mitochondrion Extraction Kit (Tissue)


  1. Protein purification

With the development of gene recombination technology, more and more fusion proteins have become an important means for people to study target proteins. One of the important applications is tagging proteins. The use of tag proteins has strong antigen specificity and almost no effect on the structure and function of the target protein. One can use tag protein purification fillers to identify and isolate recombinant proteins with corresponding tags. From this, we designed the Purkine series of protein purification tools.

Product Name Product NO
His tag protein purification tool BMR20000
GST tag protein purification tool BMR20100
MBP tag protein purification tool BMR20206
Flag tag protein purification tool BMR21504
Biotin tag protein purification tool BMR20306
Protein A tag protein purification tool BMR21604
Protein G tag protein purification tool BMR20600
Protein A/G tag protein purification tool BMR20704
Protein L tag protein purification tool BMR20800

Tips: If it is an ordinary protein without a label, the above operation is not required. To avoid protein degradation, after the cell / tissue lysis, proceed directly to the third step.

  1. Protein quantification

Protein samples should be quantified before WB loading, to ensure that the total amount of protein in each well of SDS-PAGE is consistent. Only in this way can the relative size of the protein content have a reference basis when the band gray value is analyzed later. Therefore, the operation of protein quantification plays an important role in the WB experiment. Therefore, when selecting a protein quantification kit, it is necessary to select a kit with stable quality and appropriate conditions for concentration determination. After years of hard work, Abbkine has designed two protein quantification kits with good performance and wide application range.


Product Product NO
Protein Quantification Kit (BCA Assay) KTD3001
Protein Quantification Kit (Bradford Assay) KTD3002

Because the functional properties of these two kits are different, you must be cautious in the selection process of protein quantification kits. If you want to have a deeper understanding of protein quantification technology, please contact Abkine technical support (support@abbkine.com)


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