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What is SOD? Both men, women, and children in the fashion industry know: Dabao SOD honey, rich in SOD (superoxide dismutase), is an active substance derived from living organisms, which can eliminate harmful substances produced by the organism during metabolism. Continuous supplementation of SOD to the human body has the special effect of anti-aging. At the same time, as the latest product of Abbkine, I have been adhering to the concept of “affordable, reliable, and practical” to provide the most preferential, convenient and easy-to-use products for scientific researchers, as shown in the figure below. KTB1030 CheKine™ Superoxide Dismutases (SOD) Assay Kit.

So, what’s the secret of SOD antioxidant?

SOD (Superoxide Dismutases, superoxide dismutases) is a metalloenzyme that is widely present in living organisms. It is an important oxygen radical scavenger and can catalyze the disproportionation of superoxide anions to generate H2O2 and O2. SOD is not only a superoxide anion scavenging enzyme, but also a main H2O2 generating enzyme, which plays an important role in biological antioxidant systems. It is widely present in animals, plants, microorganisms and cultured cells, and catalyzes the disproportionation of superoxide anion (O2-) to produce H2O2 and O2. SOD plays a vital role in the body’s oxidation and antioxidant balance. This enzyme can remove superoxide anion free radicals and protect cells from damage.

Free radicals

And SOD is an antioxidant that can slow down skin aging and prevent premature wrinkles and stains on the skin.


Based on this principle, Abbkine designed a new kit : KTB1030 CheKine ™ Superoxide Dismutases (SOD) Assay Kit.

This kit is a blue formazan which is reduced by superoxide anion (O2-) to form nitrogen blue tetrazole. It is a colored substance that can be used for detection; SOD can remove O2- to calculate the SOD content. Superoxide anion (O2-) is derived from xanthine oxidase (XO) -catalyzed reaction. O2- reacts with tetrazolium salt WST-8 to form water-soluble formazan products. SOD removes O2- and is therefore less used for color development reactions. The inhibitory activity of SOD at 450 nm was determined by colorimetry. The activity of SOD is inversely related to the amount of formazan dye produced.

Product name Description Cat NO
CheKine™ Superoxide Dismutases (SOD) Assay Kit Detection and quantification of superoxide dismutase KTB1030



Superoxide dismutase detection kit (KTB1030) advantages and product features:

Compared with NBT (nitro blue tetrazole) method, cytochrome C method, WST-1 method

  1. Produce stable reaction products and higher sensitivity;
  2. SOD activity is measured by absorbance detection at a single time point, suitable for high-throughput screening studies;
  3. The maximum inhibition percentage can be close to 100%, which is not affected by some common interference factors. Many cells and tissue samples contain endogenous hydrogen peroxide, which will interfere with the detection of SOD;
  4. The calculation method is convenient, the linear range is 3.13 -200 U / ml, and the enzyme activity U / ml can be directly calculated through the standard curve;
  5. A wide range of applications: determination of SOD enzyme activity in serum, plasma, tissue / cell lysate and other biological fluids,

The cells are directly lysed without the need for homogenization and the operation is more convenient.


Abbkine focuses on the fields of immunology and cytology, and is committed to innovating and developing various types of antibodies, proteins, analytical reagents and kits, with a view to becoming a key promoter in the fields of life science research and development, and drug development. Here, we present to you the favorite products of protein and immune research users, from basic immunological products, such as protein extraction and quantification, to internal reference label antibodies, primary and secondary antibodies for immunological experiments; cell research users’ favorite Products ranging from dyes and kits for cell state detection, organelle extraction kits, cell substructure staining and cell metabolism detection products, to cytokine and protein detection kits for cell culture, just to help you Research career!

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